Veles E Events , Perth 2014

Went to the Perth Arts Festival and got a nice little free show 45 minutes of some thing or other , lots of visual effects and fire works, at one point I am certain they tried to kill us all with a foul smelling smoke but a good show none the less.

Something new and challenging to photograph.




Busselton Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service (VFRS) runs this (probably 1994) Isuzu ELF fire truck, with a 2 stage pump but no water carrying capacity this vehicle is used as a support vehicle and can assist in things like hydrant relaying , water bomber operations and general day to day tasks , fully operational including lights and sirens (original Japanese style) a very nice vehicle.








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The vehicle was donated by the sister city program , located 45 minutes from Tokyo.

(Busselton is located 220 klms South West of Perth, Western Australia)

Witchcliffe BFS







Witchcliffe BFS 12.2   Witchcliffe BFS 2.4R Witchcliffe BFS 1.4R



Located in the Margaret River region , Witchcliffe (pop 400) is a dual designated fire service.

Because of its location within the bush fire prone Margaret River the station has now taken on the duties of Volunteer Fire & Rescue for asset protection as have Wallcliffe (VES) and Dunsborough (VFRS).

Other vehicles at Witchcliffe station (images available via link) include, 1.4R, 2.4R, 12.2,3.4U and a Light Tanker as well as welfare trailer.

Western Australia has several arms of its emergency services, more information can be located here from the DFES webiste.

Is there anyone out there ?

I have been fairly busy of late and although this page provides the best links to my photographic work you never know if anyone is using it ? Give me a shout let me know if it helps, I always appreciate feedback.

There have bee a LOT of updated images of late in case your wondering , also a lot of updates via youtube 

Have look and see whats been happening

Updates of
Fire vehicles
Water Bombers
Heavy Haulage

I have also started transferring fire truck images to Flickr

I will continue to host images on Flickr and Smugmug at this time for fire related images see my Flickr

Anyway hope your enjoying it all

Gavin Transports Mack

gavins small







McDermott Aviations N49732/HELITAK 672 Bell 214B-1 BigLifter (MSN 28005)








Erickson Aircrane ‘Marty’ Sikorsky S-64E Skycrane








N49732/HELITAC 672 Bell 214B-1 BigLifter (MSN 28005) of McDermott Aviation, leased by Department of Fire and Emergency Services, at Jandakot Airport – Thu 17 October 2013.

Queensland-based McDermott Aviation won the tender to provide fire fighting helicopters for the 2013/14 bush fire season (October – April).

The Bell 214B is the most powerful (2950 SHP) single engine helicopter in the world, fitted with the Isolair ‘Tsunami” Belly Tank, with 2,700 Litres capacity.
Built in 1976. Ex N49732, 101 (Royal Air Force of Oman), 751(Royal Air Force of Oman).



The Official Perth Zombie Walk is an organised open event for families and individuals to come  together  zombified for the day fundraising and increasing awareness for the Brain Foundation.

This is a charity event for a cause that would largely be ignored if not for this event and ones like it around Australia.

“The Brain Foundation is the largest, independent funder of brain and spinal injury research in Australia.  We believe research is the pathway to recovery.  Please help us help those with brain disease or disorders and brain and spinal injuries by donating to the research program.”



Held on the 31st August 2013 this was a great day and lots of fun.


Dalwallinu VFRS

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While out following Gavin Transport up the highway it was nice bright sunny day so I thought what the hey , lets go for a bit of a drive, located 248klms from Perth with a population of 589 Dalwallinu is a town located past the canola fields and pretty much in wheat country, as it happened it was also show day.

The Dalwallinu VFRS had their HSR (Hazmat Structural Rescue) pump out , they also have the usual Light Tanker on station.

Water Tank Capacity: 1,500 Litres.
Pump: Mid-ship pump.
Pump Capacity: 1,900 L/m @ & 7 Bar.
Foam System: ‘A’ Class foam 60 Litres, ‘B’ Class foam 200 Litres.
Specialised Equipment: Breathing apparatus
, hydraulic road crash rescue equipment.
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Dalwallinu VFRS

Dalwallinu VFRS

Gavin Transport up the Great Northern with some Atlas Copco drill rigs , 7.5mtrs wide and 70t

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Kenworth 950

Kenworth 950




2013 Act Belong Commit Avon Descent

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Despite spending the morning tweeting the descent as decent all in all the power boat images came up well, extracts weir had a bit more water over it this year and a couple of entrants gave it a red hot go to get over , didn’t really work but that’s how it goes, you can almost see the ‘oh was that a good idea’ as the boats launch over, a few images to share.

Another hand on moment

Another hand on moment

Even Spider man turned up

Even Spider man turned up