The Hagglund All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) consists of two track-driven cars with fibreglass reinforced bodies, coupled to each other by an articulated steering joint.

The vehicle operates in and around the snowfields and high country areas of the Snowy Mountains. Its operational scope includes wilderness search and rescue, general land rescue (MVA), limited hazardous materials operations and structural firefighting capability. It is able to operate in extreme weather conditions on a variety of surfacing including soft and deep packed snow, light scrub country, and paved roads.











The front car contains the power unit which houses the engine, the power transmission gearboxes and the braking and steering systems.
The rear car has been configured to carry firefighting equipment, including two sets of breathing apparatus and spare cylinders. It is fitted with an independent BMW engined single-stage Rosenbauer pump which pumps water from a 360 litre tank mounted in the trailer body